RedBull Admin

As a UI/UX Designer at a creative agency, I worked with the product team at RedBull to design an internal-facing admin interface.

RedBull has a huge number of accounts that they need to track and manage. The WingTips platform allows admin users to manage beverage distributors with special functionality.

The WingTips platform follows the traditional RedBull design with red and blue accents.


UI/UX Designer


Sketch, Adobe, InVision


Desktop Mockups


Getting to know the project.

Project Brief

  • Design an admin interface that allows users to view their accounts, access calculators, build a deck, view the media gallery, go to an internal store, and upload content.
  • Our team met in-person at RedBull HQ to align on user goals and the core screens we'd need for this project.
  • Problem

  • How can we take all of the different admin actions (view account, upload media, build a deck, etc.) and align them into a fluid, consistent, and intuitive admin experience?
  • Home Screen


    Breaking Down the Admin Experience

    A Fluid and Consistent User Experience

  • Aside from visual design, the most important aspect of this project was creating a fluid and intuitive admin experience.
  • This was achieved through a number of design elements: use of cards that visually separates pieces of information, bright blue buttons that command the user's attention, and a clear navigation on the lefthand side.
  • Media Gallery

    Analyzing the Visual Design

  • The visual design for the admin screens was adapted from existing work that the agency had done for RedBull.
  • There wasn't a lot of room for movement in terms of branding, but I did have the ability to control the imagery, layout, and use of typography.
  • Deposits and Revenue Overview


    Reflecting on the Project

    What did I Learn?

  • If possible, it helps to show visual design ideas to a client at an early stage in the process.
  • On this project I got more comfortable with using bold pops of color - I used a pink accent on the media gallery page to highlight key information without taking away too much from the title.
  • Agency: Boundary Digital

    Creative Director: George Renfro

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