Travel, tech, and the human experience: learn more about the influences that express themselves in my work.

Always be Observing.

Before I was a designer I was an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher for adults. I first started teaching here in LA, and then moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to live and teach abroad. After Argentina, I worked as a language assistant for the French public school system. For about a year I lived in Paris and commuted to a high school outside the city for work. While living abroad I spent a lot of time traveling, exploring architecture, and absorbing new influences. Over this time I started to develop my aesthetic identity and repertoire of visual references and inspirations.

Tech & the City

While living abroad, I started teaching English online for a tech startup based in New York City. I was ultimately offered a full-time role and moved to Brooklyn to work out of their offices in Lower Manhattan. This was my first exposure to the tech world and I fell in love immediately - it was fast-paced, exciting, and I was surrounded by driven and intelligent people. Aside from this, I was just beginning to understand the power that technology has to solve a wide array of human problems. Along with my obsession with design and visuals, this interest in tech led me to explore UI/UX as a career path.

Why Work in Product Design?

At it's core, product design is an answer to human motivations, frustrations, and goals. While it may seem like designers only deal with pixels and high-fi mockups, design is deeply concerned with people and the psychology behind their actions. The human element within the design process is what keeps me engaged and passionate about user experience, interfaces, and interactions on a daily basis.

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